Google Glass: What You’re Not Supposed to Do

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Obsidian Hydration Dating

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By Trae Vassallo Self-described “tech geek mom” Trae Vassallo sports her Glass. I had a surprising revelation after my first weekend with Google’s.

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Glass has an almost mesmerising effect in its ability to reflect light, presenting not just a surface but also dimensional depths of shade and light. In this respect the crafting of glass beads as representations of the human eye may go some way towards explaining their enduring and universal popularity.

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The Hidden Psychology of Wearing Glasses

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The rate of penetration of water is dependent upon several factors, primarily the chemical composition of the glass and the temperature at which the hydration occurred. Discussions are given of techniques for measuring the hydration thickness, measurement or estimates of ambient hydration temperature, chemical composition of the obsidian, and the conversion of hydration thickness to dating the time of manufacture of the artifact.

stable consumers tend to be more aware of Google Glass. Consumers who For example, who will use dating apps: on smart glasses? Are these neurotics, in.

I wanted to wear the device on a full-fledged, real-life, real-stakes date and see what happened. Which is to say that my editors suggested the idea and I blame them for everything. Everything began innocently enough on our weekly over-caffeinated Skype call. The rest is history, especially the bivalves. This is how it goes: I propose that a cute girl of interest her name is Rebecca accompany me to dinner and drinks… and mention my one wearable, Bluetooth-enabled caveat.

Cue nerd panic.

Google glasses dating

Did you ever think about how Google Glass could affect your dating life? With Glass and other augmented reality apps, creeps hitting on you at bars just might get a whole lot creepier. If the future of dating looks anything like this concept video from an Israeli software company, you should prepare for potential mates to be reading real-time information about you as you interact.

Anne Wojcicki, the founder of genetic testing company 23andMe, has separated from her husband, Sergey Brin. The rumor is that he is dating.

He agreed to the plan. I’d be his much body, he’d be my poker brain. Together we’d create The Sting 2. My cousin glass I spend the day practicing our scheme. On his computer, he can see my cards. On my walnut-sized screen, I can see a teensy version of him holding up handwritten signs, like FOLD. Or CALL. I keep my cousin on mute for two reasons: First, I don’t want my fellow cardplayers to hear him.

The Creepiest Thing to Happen to Dating

Yes, people have already begun to experiment with wearing Google Glass on a date. Is it a love-killer? Or does it create a frisson of excitement? Please don’t tell everyone, but I’d like to kiss someone who’s wearing Google Glass. In fact, if you really push me up against this wall and make me talk, I’d also like to kiss someone while wearing Google Glass.

Google Glass mayor may not transform the future. But one thing The night did make clear that Glass could have a profound impact on dating.

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Date With A Glasshole: Google Glass Dating 101, A Report From The Field

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. She was early. She always arrived early. Once she had a spot, she checked her setup. She kept the iPhone in her purse, its camera poking out and angled to capture the whole scene.

Amanda Rosenberg, 33, was the face of the ill-fated Google Glass project At the time Ms Rosenberg was dating her colleague at Google.

Google CEO Sergey Brin announced last week that he regrets how much Smartphones stop us really taking note of our fellow man. According to him, this will all be different with Google Glass. Far from it, it is more likely to get worse. As you can see in this video, a short attention span in combination with augmented reality and voice control ruins every date more thoroughly than a smartphone ever could.

We wonder if the makers of this video were chosen as Glass Explorers exclusive testers of the glasses. Maybe Google is showing a sense of humor, after all, this is one of the better contributions under the keyword ifihadglass handed in to Google in the past weeks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Comment. Skip to content New posts available. Older post.

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The make(out)-or-break(up) for Google Glass: Dating

Subscriber Account active since. Google ‘s latest revolutionary product, Project Glass is supposed to change how users interact with information. The search giant has touted many features including getting directions, and speaking to send a message but it forget perhaps the most important feature, how it can help with dating.

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Google Glass mayor may not transform the future. But one thing is beyond question: It elicits mighty strong reactions in the present. The first week I got my tiny new face computer, I wore it to a barbecue and sat down at a table to eat pasta salad. I tapped the black frames with my finger to turn the device on. In the miniscreen perched above my right eye, an article popped up.

I clicked on it. I scrolled. She waited.

O.K., Glass: Make Google Eyes

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Dating is hard. We all know that. You have to be funny, witty, charming and infinitely more of these things than you are 99 per cent of the time. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and as this painfully awkward video shows: from a first-person perspective, it’s much much worse than you think. To demonstrate this, the Guardian set up an experiment called ‘Watch Me Date’ where each participant has to wear Google Glass for the entire evening.

What do we learn? Well we learn that Ian, 29, is a consumate expert in food preservation, especially when that involves taking unfinished curry home from the restaurant. We also learned that he’s a man that’ll spend a lot of money on his feet. Both pretty strong date topics and as you can see from the video, both subjects which oddly didn’t resonate with Sarah,

How Guys Will Use Google Glass

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